Hi, I’m Dez, and I’m a nefelibata.

[Hi, Dez]

Nefelibata: a word of Portuguese origin derived from nephele (cloud) and batha (a place one can walk). Literally means “cloud walker”–one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination, or who does not obey the conventions of society, literature, or art.


  • (of a person) not identified by name
  • having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features: unremarkable or impersonal
  • used in names of support groups for addicts of a substance or behavior to indicate the confidentiality maintained among members of the group

I am a perpetual daydreamer and I would say it’s the thing I’ve done my entire life. I visualize random and silly scenarios, many of which could never happen, and I live inside my mind that way for a little while. You’ll catch me spacing out and I have to bring myself back to reality.

I am addicted to it.

I like to daydream about things that make reality just a little more sunny and I often turn my daydreams into writings. Daydreams most notably include books, video games, plants, and animals. I occasionally daydream about other things, so I’m sure they’ll make their way here.

I’m a mother of [fake] dragons [eggs], dogs, and plants.

This is for all of my cloud walkers out there. Enjoy your stay and let me know if you need a sponsor.

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